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Sic Bo And The Strategies For The Beginners

Sic - Bo And The Strategies For The Beginners

The Dice game (Sic-bo), also known as Tai Sai, is a popular game in Asia and is played with 3 dice beads that are shaken in a dice shaker device before the start of each round. 

Although many people think that playing Sic bo cannot have a clear strategy and a lot of luck element. However, that does not mean that there are no tips /tricks that help players win this game.

It is difficult to predict exactly 100% of which numbers will appear. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of your game.

The following article can help you find some tips on how to play Sic bo, how to play Sic-bo Casino effectively to become a professional player in the casinos.


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How to play Sic - Bo?

- The player of this game will have to guess what the three dice will be and start placing bets.

 - Players place bets on one or more betting areas on the table until the dealers notices no more bets.

- There are different bet areas from a single number to three dice with different payouts.

- As the result of the 3 dice is opened, the winning area on the table will light.

Is the most effective strategy of Defense?

Sic bo casino is a game that mainly depends on luck, therefore the game requires patience, and the defense should be prioritized over attack. Defensive Sic bo players not only help you retain more money but can also stay longer in the game.

If you choose to play Sic bo with this style, you can have chances to win a big profit from it. The best odds that you can gain in this game is about 2.78%. 

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The low risk strategies to play Sic Bo for the beginners

There are many Sic Bo playing strategies that players can try. In particular, players can learn the strategies that easily apply to even beginners. Sic bo tactics can completely help beginners to master the game. Because it helps you minimize financial losses in the long run and become more familiar with the game.

Thereby beginners can access this game more easily because of the confidence that the strategy does not risk much money. The beginners who are more comfortable at this level will switch to the strategy Sic bo balanced or advanced.

The only weakness noticed when using low risk strategies is that repetition is therefore quite boring. However, that is the best way to practice being patient and limiting your bets when you first play. This is the platform that helps you get the best results when playing any game in the casino.


Place your bet suitably

According to the experiences that the longtime Sic Bo players share is betting that has the best way to play Sic Bo. For the Sic Bo game, the highest bet type is over/under. However, we do not place the biggest bet all the time. You have to analyze, observe the game situation and how to help you bring the most money. 

Choose a table with many players

According to the judgment of everyone who has ever played Sicbo, they assess that the greater the number of tables, the higher the chances of winning. In fact, many people have used this method today and brought great results. If you do not believe it is possible to try it as soon as possible with the house edge and you play with the largest number. Certainly the highest win rate is in favor of the number of tables played by many participants. 

Absolutely do not play when the spirit is not lucid

One of the extremely important things that guests can not ignore is not to play Sic Bo when tired, uncomfortable. Because this is not only a game for entertainment but also decides the amount of money you own or lose. Therefore, if the health condition is not lucid, it will not help players not get the most accurate judgment.

Above are some strategies for you when playing Sic bo casino at online casino Singapore. Hopefully, you can apply these tactics to get the best rewards. Good luck for you!