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Sic Bo And The Strategies For The Beginners

Sic - Bo And The Strategies For The Beginners


The Dice game (Sic-bo), also known as Tai Sai, is a popular game in Asia and is played with 3 dice beads that are shaken in a dice shaker device before the start of each round. 

Although many people think that playing Sic bo cannot have a clear strategy and a lot of luck element. However, that does not mean that there are no tips /tricks that help players win this game.

It is difficult to predict exactly 100% of which numbers will appear. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of your game.

The following article can help you find some tips on how to play Sic bo, how to play Sic-bo Casino effectively to become a professional player in the casinos. 



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How to play Sic - Bo?

- The player of this game will have to guess what the three dice will be and start placing bets.

 - Players place bets on one or more betting areas on the table until the dealers notices no more bets.

- There are different be



t areas from a single number to three dice with different payouts.

- As the result of the 3 dice is opened, the winning area on the table will light.

Is the most effective strategy of Defense?

Sic bo casino is a game that mainly depends on luck, therefore the game requires patience, and the defense should be prioritized over attack. Defensive Sic bo players not only help you retain more money but can also stay longer in the game.

If you choose to play Sic bo with this style, you can have chances to win a big profit from it. The best odds that you can gain in this game is about 2.78%. 

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The low risk strategies to play Sic Bo for the beginners

There are many Sic Bo playing strategies that players can try. In particular, players can learn the strategies that easily apply to even beginners. Sic bo tactics can completely help beginners to master the game. Because it helps you minimize financial losses in the long run and become more familiar with the game.

Thereby beginners can access this game more easily because of the confidence that the strategy does not risk much money. The beginners who are more comfortable at this level will switch to the strategy Sic bo balanced or advanced.

The only weakness noticed when using low risk strategies is that repetition is therefore quite boring. However, that is the best way to practice being patient and limiting your bets when you first play. This is the platform that helps you get the best results when playing any game in the casino.


Place your bet suitably

According to the experiences that the longtime Sic Bo players share is betting that has the best way to play Sic Bo. For the Sic Bo game, the highest bet type is over/under. However, we do not place the biggest bet all the time. You have to analyze, observe the game situation and how to help you bring the most money. 

Choose a table with many players

According to the judgment of everyone who has ever played Sicbo, they assess that the greater the number of tables, the higher the chances of winning. In fact, many people have used this method today and brought great results. If you do not believe it is possible to try it as soon as possible with the house edge and you play with the largest number. Certainly the highest win rate is in favor of the number of tables played by many participants. 

Absolutely do not play when the spirit is not lucid

One of the extremely important things that guests can not ignore is not to play Sic Bo when tired, uncomfortable. Because this is not only a game for entertainment but also decides the amount of money you own or lose. Therefore, if the health condition is not lucid, it will not help players not get the most accurate judgment.


Above are some strategies for you when playing Sic bo casino. Hopefully, you can apply these tactics to get the best rewards. Good luck for you! 



Unlike traditional land based casinos, related operators on the web own a tremendous fortune. In fact, they offer very lucrative rewards and this certainly helps them to attract more and more new players. Land based casinos have lost their customer base due to this singularity. 

For baccarat, rich players don't really care whether they can expect to receive big promotions because they have unlimited financial resources. But you must remember that baccarat was originally played by a certain class about a dozen years ago. However, today, not all players can afford to support the high limits needed to play baccarat in land based casinos.

This is the main reason baccarat is clearly a game so many players want to gamble under ideal conditions. When you have a chance to earn a significant reward, you will be in a position to play more and enjoy the game even better.


Why should you use rewards to play baccarat online?

Before you place a bet online, we recommend activating a reward - as long as you meet very limited conditions without bothering you. But remember about something important. The bonus that you activate will most likely increase your budget because your money account will be credited. This will give you more power. You will use such power to do two things: 

- You will bet more money than usual, considering the risk you may encounter in case of winning, your income will be higher. But if you lose, you will surely regret the decision. mine.

- Or you will play longer than before. The more you play, the higher your odds are.

What type of rewards can you find on the web?

As mentioned above, online casino promotions can bring you great benefits. The first thing you should do when visiting an online casino website is to identify the various rewards that it offers to players. These online casino offer a percentage of rewards that applies to your first deposit. Sometimes, you can get 100% or 200% of the bonus but if you are a regular player. Do not hesitate to negotiate this bonus with customer service. 

Finally, if you are loyal to a specific online casino agent, remember that your loyalty will pay off. VIP programs help online casinos perform better retention for players. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you will enjoy these rewards when playing baccarat on the internet but no other games.

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9 Steps To Win In Online Baccarat

9 Steps To Win In Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the famous games in both land-based and online casinos. It attracts players throughout the world thanks to its basic but interesting rules. However, if you grasp the rules of this game, you are likely to not win big in the process of playing this game. Therefore, in this post, we will introduce you to some steps to win in online baccarat.

After researching many sources on the Internet about some tips to win in online baccarat, we have summarized 9 steps that you can follow and apply when playing online baccarat to win big in this interesting game.



9 Steps To Win Online Baccarat 

Part 1: Rules of Baccarat

Step 1: Understand how to distribute cards

In Baccarat, there will be two hands that are distributed from eight decks of cards. These two hands will be called Player and Banker.

The players and you will decide to bet on three hands – Player, Banker, or Tie. If the point of Player’s hand is bigger than the hand of Banker, those who bet on Player will win. Banker is also like that. However, if the points of both Player and Banker are similar, those who bet on Tie will win.

Step 2: Understand how to calculate points of the cards

The most basic cards will have values ranging from 0 to 9 points. The point of each hand will correspond to the sum of the points of the cards added together. After adding the cards together, the decimal will be discarded and the unit will be accepted. The face cards such as J, Q, K will be counted as 10. Therefore, the score after adding has a maximum of 9 points an


d a minimum of 0 points. For example, if the Player’s hand has 2 cards that are 7 and 5, the total point is 2 points.

In case that both two hands have a similar bet, the game will be played from the beginning.

Step 3: When will Player draw the third card?

The 3rd card will be drawn for Player and Banker if the following conditions are met:

- If either side has a total of 8 or 9 points, then both will not draw any more cards.

- If the Player's hand is equal to or less than 5 points (with two cards), the player will draw another card in advance.

Step 4: When Banker draws a third card?

- If the total point of Banker’s hand is 0, 1, or 2, Banker draws a third card.

- If the total point of Banker’s hand is 3, Banker draws in case a third card of Player is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 0 (excluding 8).

- Banker gets a total point of 4, Banker draws in case a third card of Player is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

- Banker gets a total point of 5, Banker draws if the third card of Player is 4, 5, 6, 7.

- Banker gets a total point of 6, Banker draws if the third card of Player is 6 or 7.

Part 2: Smart bet

Step 1: Betting odds

Playing baccarat commonly does not need any strategies. Therefore, it is totally based on your experiences and luck. Therefore, the strategy in the Baccarat game cannot affect the outcome of the game that makes this game more fascinating, dramatic, and unpredictable.

However, in fact, the odds are somewhat favoring Banker so the odds of winning are always smaller than the Player.

Step 2: Follow the results of the bets

Usually, in almost online casino, players will be equipped with a system to help statistics their gaming histories.

You may need the results from previous bets to make a decision. Therefore, you can start by placing a small bet, then, surveying all your betting results before betting more.

Step 3: Place a bet

Betting in Baccarat depends more on instinct than on science. 

When playing Baccarat Online you should not break the rules. In other words, if you bet on Player and Player wins, go ahead. Stick to your tactics and place bets consistently. If you set the Player but Banker wins, then switch to Banker.

Baccarat is not a game that you just play a few games and switch tables. It is a game that people will spend hours and change the bet several times. You should prepare a betting plan with the money amount in your ability to invest effectively.

Step 4: When you are confused, place bets on Banker

In fact, many players will bet on Banker until Banker loses. Although there is no specific tactic between two hands, betting on Banker will give you a slight advantage.

Step 5: Calculate your money amount

It is very important to anticipate the amount of money you will spend on placing bets. You should decide the minimum amount for each bet because you will have to bet and change the bet pretty much.

At each table, there is a rule of the minimum betting level. Therefore, please refer to this level before playing.

Step 6: Prepare your morale well before joining.

Baccarat is not relevant to scientific calculations, so you do not need to apply them while playing Therefore, please play with a state of the best and most comfortable.

A gambler with the most relaxed mood will usually be the lucky one and win most. Thinking too much will affect your assertiveness.


This article has informed you 9 steps to win in online Baccarat. We hope that these steps are helpful to you. Now, you can apply them while playing and win many games.

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9 Baccarat Skills Help You Win And Earn Full Money From The Casino

9 Baccarat Skills Help You Win And Earn Full Money From The Casino


tips baccarat

With simple and interesting rules, Baccarat is a casino game that attracts a large number of participants. To play Baccarat you only need to place a bet on one of the following bets – Player, Banker, and Tie. It is very simple. This is also a game that is evaluated as having a high probability of winning. And of course, if you know how to apply the right strategies and the right skills, it is easier to make money. Today's article introduces you to 9 skills you need to know to win Baccarat easily.

1 / Understand the Baccarat rules

When should you draw more cards?

When to stop?

These are two important decisions that affect 80% of your Baccarat result. You definitely need to know the rules of the game to be able to identify the situation that you are in then make the right decision.

If you do not understand the Blackjack rules, you may be defeat by the hands of the dealer, even when at first you are in a winning position.

tips to win baccarat

tips baccarat1

2 / Have a specific betting system

A professional Baccarat gambler always has at least from 1to 2 specific betting systems. You should bet according to the system you followed from the beginning. Do not indiscriminately bet following your emotion, this is no difference with waiting for luck and the result is likely throwing money through the window.

3 / Place bets with small capitals

Financial management is very important for any professional Baccarat gambler because most betting methods will be applied to more than 1 game. Therefore, the skillful players of the table often divide the capital to be able to place bets in the long-term. Therefore, you should have a reasonable bet plan and absolutely not put all your money into one game only.

4 / Manage betting time 

Many players do not take care of themselves. They often try to offset their betting amount which they have lost. Besides that, some players who win many times also keep on playing because they think that they are in luck and they can get further winnings. The similarity of these players is that they do not pay attention to their physical and spiritual. Sitting to play online Baccarat for a long time will lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, forgetting strategy, then making unwise decisions. Therefore, you need to manage your time for taking bets wisely. If you want to start playing online or standing at the Baccarat table, you should be concentrate and your mind must be lucid.

5 / Analysis to choose good bets

Usually, the Tie bet has a lower chance of winning than the other two wagers. However, in order to select whether to place a bet on Player or Banker, you need to analyze the probability of winning in each game based on the cards that have been turned. If you do not confident in your ability to judge, you should skip that game and do not bet anymore.

6 / Banker or Player bet appearing 3 times consecutively

A few players say that if there were 3 consecutive times of Player (or Banker)bet, then the next game will also produce the same result, for example, Player (or Banker). However, this judgment is completely baseless.

You definitely should not follow this rule. Instead of that, you need to analysis to choose the most correct bet, especially big bets.

7 / Do not break the sequence

You should never break a series of Player or Blanker that has advantages. It is very risky and it has a high rate of losing. All you need to do is to wait for the next series of bets.

8 / The winning rate of Player and Banker are the same

Many players think that if one bet wins continuously to 4 games, of course, that bet has the advantage and it will win the fifth game. However, this inference is not true. The rate of winning or losing is the same for each bet.

9 / Place bets on Player or Banker - Do not place bets on Tie

The Tie bet always has a high winning rate that can be up to8:1 or 9:1 because the probability of winning when you place a tie bet is very low. Therefore, you should not place this bet. After all, grasp all, lose all, especially if you're a new player, you should play safely without risky.


The skills above are needed to be able to win while you play Baccarat. These skills have been used by a lot of professional Blackjack players. We hope that these skills also support you much to make more profit while playing this betting game.

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